HIgh throughPut LasER processing of DIAmond and Silicon
Call: H2020-ICT-2015
Start Date: 01/02/2015
Duration: 42 months

Driven by the end-users requirements and needs, the main objective of the HIPERDIAS project is to demonstrate highthroughput laser-based manufacturing using high-power, high-repetition rate sub-1ps laser. Although the laser system to be developed within HIPERDIAS can address other material processing applications, the focus here will be 3D structuring of silicon at high speed, precision processing of diamond material and fine cutting of metal for the watch and the medical industry.

The Aim

Hiperdias objectives are to develop:

  • Highly flexible high-power and high-efficiency femtosecond laser source with average output power of up to 1000 W1 at the megahertz (MHz) including flexible fiber beam delivery.

  • Cost-efficient solutions (power scaling, pulse compression & fiber transport) for a broad range of applications

  • Optimization of demanding high-volume applications regarding efficiency as well as quality

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