Project Management

Writing a competitive Horizon Europe proposal is very time consuming and complicated. What’s more time consuming and complicated is managing the resultant research project when successful. All Horizon Europe proposals and projects benefit from a dedicated project management service, and we at MODUS bring the same deeply integrated involvement to our project management service as we do to our proposal writing service. Our project management service is separate from our proposal writing service, and there is no condition to employ us for both proposal writing and project management. Most of our clients do however employ both services in conjunction.

Regardless of your circumstances, we have decades of experience managing European Framework programs, and are ready to handle all the legislative and administrative burdens, so that you can focus on the science.

Our project management activities include:

Coordinating Communication

We ensure the whole consortium remains in regular contact with one another, including organising and chairing consortium-wide research meetings, teleconferences and maintaining a secure collaborative environment for project documents.

Progress Monitoring

We monitor research progress against those promised in the Grant Agreement, including planned activities, deliverables, and milestones.

Risk management

We develop and maintain a project risk register including scientific risks and uncertainties and feasibility of changes in strategic direction.

Compliance management

We ensure compliance with the latest EU rules and regulations, performing administration of contractual documents and changes via the appropriate EU systems.

Budget monitoring

We monitor and report on the budget spent by each partner, and resolve all resource and reporting queries from partners.

Periodic & Continuous Reporting

We collate and prepare all materials necessary for reporting performed by the EC, and ensure the partners are well prepared for periodic evaluations.

Project Impact

Like them or not, dissemination, communication, and exploitation activities are mandatory requirements for all Horizon Europe research projects. Generating great scientific results is your specialty. Ensuring that those results lead to impactful changes is ours. This service is often provided alongside our project management service, although the combination is not mandatory.

Our project impact activities include:

Stakeholder Analysis

We tailor all our impact activities to their respective audiences, ensuring that we employ the most appropriate channels and messages, to ensure maximal impact.

Production & Distribution of Materials

We produce the newsletters, leaflets, infographics, videos, press releases, and various other means of communicating news and details about your project.

Web Presence

We develop and maintain your dedicated project website and social media accounts, engaging with audiences throughout the full project duration.


We are WIPO-qualified experts in IP and will handle the early identification and protection of IP generated. We ensure that all your results are kept safe, and help you form plans to best make use of your results.

Market Research

We monitor the emerging literature and market activities which could impact your research. We perform horizon scanning, market research and analysis, identifying opportunities for collaboration and sustainability of your research.

Plans For Use & Dissemination

We develop a strategy for the full duration of the project with initial, interim and final plans, including recommendations for post-implementation phase.

What our clients say

Thank you for your excellent work and support as always

Thank you for all of this. It is really helpful. I have no idea what we would have done without you.