Compact High Performance Laser Sensors
Call: H2020-ICT-2014-I
Area: Photonics
Start date: 01/0/2015
Duration: 48 months

“The potential application for this technology is huge; the ability for us to detect explosives and chemical warfare agents for the security sector and even potentially catastrophic leaks in the oil and gas industry could save many lives in the future. We’re really excited about this project and are looking forward to seeing it out in the real world. We aim to make this technology widely accessible to a range of emerging markets.” Nils Hempler, Head of the Innovation Business Unit at M Squared Lasers

The Project

CHEQUERS is developing sensor technology devices which deliver high sensitivity, speed, low cost, ease of use and portability with an ability to detect and identify multiple target molecular compounds.

The Aim

In the CHEQUERS project, we will realise two devices, both based around the same core technologies, which draw on the considerable expertise and excellence of the consortium partners.

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