MODUS Research & Innovation

MODUS Research and Innovation is a professional proposal writing and project management service. We are a small, yet robust not-for-profit organisation established to assist universities, companies and research institutes to secure European and National Research Funding. We have a particular focus on the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, but also support applications for smaller and national funding programmes.

What Makes Us Stand Out

MODUS nurtures a tight retinue of highly trained Innovation Managers (IM), who have operated in European framework programmes for over 20 years. Every proposal is precious to us, and an IM will be dedicated to your proposal from start to finish. Your dedicated IM will fully immerse themselves in your proposal, your concept, and your team. We will be taking responsibility and a sense of ownership or your proposal that you will find nowhere else.

MODUS are not simply consultants who will tell you what could be better.

We take the lead and work with you to actively make it better!

We are not a big service provider with expansive pools of staff and high throughput of proposals, where minimal time dedication for maximum profits can be expected and high client turnovers compensate for unhappy clients.

Many of our clients have turned to MODUS after experiencing this first-hand, and now enthuse about the outstanding proposal writing service at MODUS. We pride ourselves on our pool of repeat customers, and the professional relationships we have managed to build with them.

Explore our services in Proposal Writing, Project Management, and Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation to see why our clients value us so highly.

Superior Service at Lower Cost

This superior quality service does not come at a higher price tag. In fact, it costs less. As a not-for-profit, we charge only enough to cover the salary costs of our IMs upfront. The majority of our fees are tied to success, which compensates your dedicated IM only if you receive your requested funding. Hence, your IM has an extremely vested interest in making sure your proposal succeeds. You are guaranteed the highest quality service possible.

MODUS has no shareholders to satisfy, no large facilities to maintain, and no costly advertisement campaigns. This gives you extraordinary value for money.

Commitment to EU Research

MODUS is able to continue providing outstanding proposal writing, project management, and dissemination services as a beneficiary on all current and future Horizon Europe funded projects. This is unaffected by the UK’s departure from the EU, after the Trade and Cooperation Agreement between UK and EU was agreed in 2020.

Our mission to support collaborative research and innovation across the EU remains at the core of our activities. We look forward to continuing to provide these services in the future.