MODUS Research & Innovation

MODUS Research and Innovation is a small not-for-profit organisation established to assist individuals and organisations in Europe to secure research funding, especially for Horizon Europe. Consisting of a select team of highly professional and uniquely qualified Innovation Managers, MODUS is the hidden gem of research support services, that makes proposal development easy. Boasting over double the average success rate, a perfect 100% strong recommendation score from our clients, and a highly affordable flat success-based fee structure with extraordinary value for money, your only regret will be not discovering us sooner!

We adhere to the recently published “Code of Conduct for consultants offering services to applicants to European Innovation Council calls” for all our projects. The full document can be found here on the EIC website.

Modus Research and Innovation

Our Services

Proposal Writing & Development

From the earliest ideas to the final submission, our experienced Innovation Managers will support you every step of the way.

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Project Management & Maximising Impact

Your proposal has been successfully funded (usually with us), but now you have a research project to manage, and all the headaches that go with it. We can ease your organisational and administrative burdens, and provide comprehensive communication, dissemination and exploitation services, as required of Horizon Europe projects. That means you can focus on the science, and leave the rest to us.

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Anything Else

Contact us to discuss your needs. Our Innovation Managers are incredibly adaptable, and are able to offer a variety of non-routine services based on your needs. If it's related to research and innovation, we're sure to be able to help. You need only ask, no commitments required!

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Commitment to EU Research

Our Commitment to EU Research

MODUS Research and Innovation is registered in Scotland, and strongly oppose the withdrawal of the UK from the EU. UK-based Proposal Writing services are however unaffected by UK association to Horizon Europe. Furthermore, Project Management and Impact services are guaranteed by the UK government until 31st March 2025, meaning our Project Management and Impact services also continue uninterrupted at present.