Proposal Development

The MODUS team is highly experienced in all aspects of the project planning and proposal development process, and knows what makes the difference between a good project with excellent prospects and one that will fall short of the standard required.

Concept development

Assessment of alignment to call topic and feasibility, clarification of scientific and technical objectives

Clear planning

Establishing timelines, schedules, budget and resources, setting up sharing repository and communication tools.

Consortium building

Gap analysis, access to extensive network, partner search and initial contacts

Central coordination

Providing a central point of coordination for the entire proposal development process

Risk Sharing

Risk sharing, success fee based model with small up-front fee which minimises the risks for our customer

Track record

Extensive knowledge gained from developing winning research proposals. We take a strategic approach and we will leave no stone unturned in finding the winning formula for your proposal

What our clients say

Very very special thanks for the very efficient support. As always, it’s a great pleasure
collaborating with you and your team.

Thanks to all the proposal writing team for your enormous work, especially in the last few days. Looking forward to work with all of you again.

As always my great thanks go to Modus for the tremendous effort and excellent job!