Project management in collaborative research projects

Professional and experienced collaborative research project management and administration with MODUS fully integrated into the consortium as a beneficiary.

We deal with all the administrative tasks so that you can focus on the science.

Progress monitoring

Monitoring research progress against planned activities, scientific deliverables and milestones.

Risk management

Developing and maintaining a risk register for the project including scientific risks and
uncertainties and feasibility of changes in strategic direction.

Effective communication

Organising communication aspects for the consortium including consortium-wide
research meetings, regular teleconferences and maintaining a secure collaborative
environment for project documents.

Compliance management

Ensuring compliance with the latest EU rules and regulations. Administration of contractual documents and changes via the appropriate EU systems.

Budget monitoring

Monitoring of budget spend at project level. Resolving all resource, finance and reporting queries from partners.

Track record

Professional experienced research project coordination support and guidance for partners based on many years of delivering successful projects.

What our clients say

Thank you for your excellent work and support as always

Thank you for all of this. It is really helpful. I have no idea what we would have done without you.