Meet Our Team

MODUS is a new company but our team have a wealth of experience in proposal writing and project management. We have two offices located in the UK – one in Huddersfield and one in Dundee but our work as collaborators in EU funded projects takes us all around the world.

Our team is committed to a high standard of support and have a range of skills and experience in research, communication, proposal writing and more.

Eloïse Trabut

Founder, Innovation Manager and Proposal Writer

Eloïse Keating is one of the founding members of MODUS, having founded the company in February of 2017. With incredible focus and detailed understanding of the full innovative life cycle, Eloïse is one of MODUS’ most dynamic team members.

Eloïse has almost 10 years proposal development and project management experience. Since 2014, Eloise has been focused on proposal development, using her ability to communicate with an array of stakeholders at all levels to guide proposals to success.

“We take part on these incredibly exciting journeys which see ideas turn into project and end up delivering long lasting impacts for society, I feel privileged to share that journey with some inspiring people from all sectors and science backgrounds”

Cordelia Lenon

Founder, Innovation Manager and Proposal Writer

Adaptability and enthusiasm are the core skills founding member, Cordelia Lennon brings to the MODUS Team.

Cordelia has 9 years experience working in European Funding, as both a project manager and proposal writer.

She has supported the development of a broad range of projects ranging from drug development projects though to laser processing and citizens observations. Cordelia’s strength lies in helping the projects she supports realise their objectives and her collaborative approach.

“Every day is school day and you get the opportunity to interact with, and learn from, excellent scientists that are leaders in their fields.”

Alison McLeod

Research and Innovation Manager

Alison brings a wealth of knowledge in the world of photonics and over 8 years experience of management of EU funded projects to the MODUS team, having completed a PhD in photonics before working as a research fellow and subsequently an application engineer.

She brings this passion and knowledge to her work and has successfully delivered a range of FP7 and H2020 funded projects.

Her dedication and tenacity make her one of MODUS’ key players, and her passion for photonics means Alison has built a network across Europe and is always ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting the most cutting edge of science.

“The project I am currently most proud of is GeoWave, which involved novel anchoring and mooring solutions for wave energy converters. It went through some tough challenges, but I learned a lot from all the challenges faced by the project.”

Bridget Glaysher

Innovation Manager and Proposal Writer

Bridget Glaysher has been involved in European Research projects for 4 years. She is an adaptable and committed project manager with a good eye for detail. Recently she has branched out into proposal writing, using her experience in academic research to guide proposals to success.

Bridget joined us from working in academic research as a PhD student and post-doctorate for over ten years, where she gained a wealth of knowledge and skills. She knows all the ins and outs of research projects and her insight is invaluable to MODUS and her clients.

Bridget enjoys the breadth of topics covered by the projects we help write and manage, but is currently very excited about one of her projects, ADAPTED.

"The potential of ADAPTED to revolutionise Alzheimer’s disease research and provide new avenues to tackle one of today’s major and growing health problems is something I’m excited to be a part of."

Heather Cumming

Research and Innovation Manager

Heather Cumming joined MODUS in 2017 and has rapidly become one of MODUS' key Project Managers. Within a year Heather has accumulated an impressive knowledge of European and National Research funded projects and is continuing to learn every day.

Heather’s biggest strength is her adaptability. Her projects vary from space satellite development to high throughput laser processing and her ability to effortlessly switch between these makes her a strong asset to the MODUS team.

Heather’s enthusiasm for learning new things and readiness to accept the challenges that working with many different areas of science brings are her essential skills as a Project Manager.

“What I enjoy most about my job is working with and getting to know people from different research backgrounds, from all over the world.”