Changes in Horizon Europe – Destination Impacts

With the imminent launch of Horizon Europe, you may be starting to consider applications to the first call topics. Fortunately, the overall structure of Horizon Europe has not changed much from Horizon 2020, which simplifies the transition. However, there are a few changes which you should absolutely consider if you’re familiar with Horizon 2020, before you begin any applications.

For example, if applying to a Horizon Europe call in Pillar II (Global Challenges and Industrial Competitiveness), you should know that that each cluster will now also include a set of destinations which must be delivered, linked to the Key Strategic Orientations (KSOs) defined in Horizon Europe’s 2021-2024 Strategic Plan. In short, this means that in addition to addressing call-topic specific impacts, your proposal must also address these broader destination specific impacts as well!

Whilst the formal work plans may not yet be published to determine call-topic specific impacts, the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan is already available, which includes the destination specific impacts for each cluster. Taking the time now to familiarize yourself with theses impacts would be very advantageous when it comes to developing a proposal, offering insight into what the drivers behind each call are. No matter how good the science may be, and how much they could change the world, a misaligned proposal will never get funded!

The KSOs for each cluster can be downloaded at the following links. Choose your relevant cluster(s), and make sure your research ideas are formed around these KSOs. Good luck and stay tuned for further insights into Horizon Europe!

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