Innovation Management

The MODUS Team has experience to lead and drive the Exploitation Planning and Dissemination process using a tailored methodology. We do so by systematically guiding consortia to identify and prioritise the best exploitation opportunities, as well as identifying key messages to be delivered to specific stakeholders.

In addition, MODUS possesses the skills and knowledge to develop tailor-made communication kits tailored to the requirements of each projects, using proven platforms and capitalising on access to extensive networks.

Material and tools

Videos, press releases, newsletters, leaflets, infographics, etc.

Platforms and channels

Website, social media, European networks of experts, etc.

Management of assets: IP and IPR

Identification of IP generated, protection measures, strategy for dissemination, etc.

Plans for Use and Dissemination

development of strategy for the full duration of the project with initial, interim and final plans, including recommendations for post-implementation phase

Market research and bench-marking

Horizon scanning, market research and analysis, identification of opportunities for collaboration and sustainability.

Delivering impact

Proactive management of plans for Use and Dissemination, support to all partners, alignment of RTD efforts to purposeful impact strategy.