Proposal Development

Developing a proposal can be an enormously challenging yet rewarding process. Successful proposals are the result of hard work, dedicated partners and detailed planning. The MODUS Proposal Development Team has a proven track record in writing successful proposals for both European and National Research Funding, such as Horizon 2020 and Innovate UK. The team are highly experienced in all aspects of project planning and proposal development, and know what makes the difference between a good project with excellent prospects and one that will fall short of the standard required. This is reflected in the significantly higher success rates of proposals supported by MODUS Proposal Development staff. MODUS supports consortia in the development of the full proposal from defining the research concept through to submission of the final proposal. Our approach enables researchers within the consortium to focus on the excellent science, whilst we take care of the detailed planning.

Proposal Development is offered on a risk-sharing, success-based model. For more information please contact

Project Management

To deliver a successful collaborative research project there is a need to support the scientific and technical effort with experienced management capability in support of the research objectives. The MODUS Project Management Team are experts in the delivery of collaborative research projects and have the skills and knowledge to support partners in meeting their contractual obligations. As a member of the project consortium MODUS will create the optimum management environment for collaborative researchers to focus on meeting their scientific objectives and ensure the consortium works together to effectively and efficiently deliver the research project. Throughout the project MODUS will work closely with all partners to establish and implement effective management and communication processes and ensure the successful delivery of project tasks, deliverables and milestones within the contractual and financial framework of the relevant funding programme.

Project Management services can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your consortium. For more information please contact

Dissemination and Exploitation

Exploitation and dissemination strategies are an increasingly important and integral part of research and innovation projects with funders requiring consortia to deliver concrete dissemination and exploitation plans both within and beyond the research project. MODUS specialises in supporting consortia in setting and achieving dissemination and exploitation objectives and can lead the exploitation planning process on behalf of the Consortium. Using a specific methodology for collaborative research projects MODUS will systematically guide consortia in identifying, aligning and prioritising the best dissemination and exploitation opportunities for their project. To facilitate dissemination MODUS also develops tailor-made dissemination kits that meet the requirements of the consortium and project stakeholders.

Dissemination and Exploitation services can be tailored to meet the needs of your consortium. For more information please contact